Set up a resource

In order to use Resource Management, you must first define your resources. Resources can have many attributes, including:

  • First and last name

  • Phone number

  • Email address

  • Direct manager

  • Department

  • Role

  • Skills

  • Region

  • Time sheet approver

Table 3-1. Key resource attributes describes resource attributes that are especially useful. To take full advantage of Resource Management functionality, these attributes should be defined for every resource.

Table 3-1. Key resource attributes




Used in resource booking and to build staffing profiles and resource pools (see Use Resource Management for capacity planning). Roles can be user responsibilities that help to describe resource requirements.

See Setting Up Roles for more detailed information.


Used to further describe resource requirements for tasks and staffing profile positions beyond the role description such as an ability or area of knowledge.

See Setting Up Skills for more detailed information.


Used to determine the resource's regional calendar and currency settings. A resource can inherit their region setting from their primary organization unit, or a region can be specified directly.

For more information on regions and regional calendars, see Set up a regional calendar.

For more information on currency settings, see the Financial Management User Guide.

Resources map to PPM users on a one-to-one basis.

Note: A new resource cannot be created from scratch. A new user must be defined, and then his or her resource attributes subsequently configured.

The system takes into account users' start and end dates in resource capacity calculations and visualizations. For example, a user who is set to leave the company at a certain date cannot be assigned to a task or staffing profile afterward. Likewise, users starting work in the future can be selected for relevant entities scheduled to be active in the future.

The system also takes into account a resource's participation in a resource pool for resource capacity calculations and visualizations. If the resource belongs to one or more resource pools, the capacity is non-zero.

While users are created and maintained from the PPM Workbench, resource information is set in the standard interface.