Staffing Profile Security

Access to a staffing profile is controlled primarily through access grants set in the security group definitions. For further granularity, the user who creates a staffing profile can specify a list of users who can view it, edit its basic information, edit its lines, or edit its security.

A staffing profile attached to a project can be viewed by everyone participating in that project who has the proper access grants (see Staffing Profile Access Grants), without necessarily appearing on the list specified for the staffing profile using the Configure Access page (see Staffing Profile Configure Access Page).

Note: When users who are assigned to tasks in the work plan or who are specified on the staffing profile itself only have the View Staffing Profiles access grant, they still need to be added to the Configure Access page. Otherwise, they would not view the project staffing profile.

In addition, project managers can edit staffing profiles attached to their projects. The same type of access applies to staffing profiles attached to proposals and assets, for users of Portfolio Management.