Make assignments

You can make assignments from the Staffing Profile page and the Resource Allocation Management page.

Note: A resource must be in a resource pool in order to be assigned to a staffing profile. By default, only the resource pool manager (or a manager of a parent resource pool) is permitted to make that assignment. To allow a project manager to assign any resource (from any resource pool) to a work plan, staffing profile, or both, set the RM_OVERRIDE_ASSIGNMENT_CONTROLS parameter in the server.conf file on the PPM Server to TRUE.

You can only make assignments from the resource pool specified by the originating requests when using the Assign button, but you can assign resources from other resource pools that you manage by using the Resource Finder. The specified resource pool includes resources from its child resource pools.

To fill a resource assignment request:

  1. Open a resource pool.

  2. In the Resource Requests section of the Resource Pool page, click the name of a staffing profile. The Staffing Profile page opens.

  3. Assign one or more resources.

    • From the New UI of the Staffing Profile page:


      You are resource pool manager and you can edit the staffing profile; or you are resource pool manager, you have the Assign Resources to Unrequested Read-only Positions access grant and the Project Management License, and you can view the staffing profile.

      1. Click the Assign icon next to the position you want to assign one or more resources.
      2. In the resource finder dialog box, select the resources you want to assign.


        • The maximum number of resources returned is controlled by the RESOURCE_FINDER_SEARCH_MAX_USERS parameter.

        • Select Check All if you want to select all displayed resources.
        • Clicking Advanced in the dialog box, you are brought to the Select a Resource to Assign dialog box, where you can use the enhanced resource finder functionality. For more information about enhanced resource finder, see Scalable Resource Finder.

      3. (Optional) Check the option Commit selected resources if you want to commit the selected resources after they are assigned.

        This option appears only when there are resources available in the resource finder and the parameter ENABLE_COMMIT_RESOURCES_IN_RESOURCE_FINDER is set to true. If you want this option to be checked by default, set the parameter CHECK_COMMIT_RESOURCES_IN_RESOURCE_FINDER to true in Administration Console.

      4. (Optional) Check the option Distribute demand evenly to selected resources if you want to distribute the position's demand evenly to selected resources.

        This option appears only when you select at least two resources and the parameter ENABLE_DISTRIBUTE_RESOURCES_IN_RESOURCE_FINDER is set to true. If you want this option to be checked by default, set the parameter CHECK_DISTRIBUTE_RESOURCES_IN_RESOURCE_FINDER to true in Administration Console.

        Note: The position demand is distributed evenly to the selected resources, even when it results in over-allocation of some of the resources.

      5. Click Assign.
    • From the Legacy UI of the Staffing Profile page, positions with open resource assignment requests display Unmet Demand in orange.

      1. Select the Unmet Demand check box of the position you want to assign.
      2. Click Assign to assign one or more resources, or click the Resource Finder icon to search for a suitable resource using the Resource Finder.

      The Resource Capacity with Assignments dialog box opens, displaying the selected resource's current capacity with the staffing profile line's commitments marked as Soft Booked.

    • From the Resource Allocation Management page, see Assign resources from Resource Allocation Management page.

    Note: If one or more specific resources were requested, the Specific Resources Requested dialog opens. You can select and assign the specified resource(s) or you can click Choose Other Resources to assign other resources.

  4. Make any changes to the resource's commitment to the staffing profile line.

    • You can change the nature of the resource's commitment between Soft Booked and Committed, or you can remove it entirely.

    • You can change the number of hours committed to the staffing profile.

    • If the resource pool is configured to send notifications to a resource, you can choose not to send an email notification.

  5. Click Done.

    The Staffing Profile page reloads with your changes made. If unmet demand still remains, you can repeat the assignment process as needed.