Assigning Promised Allocations

You can only assign promised allocations from the Staffing Profile page and the Resource Allocation Management page.

To fill a resource assignment request with a promised allocation:

  1. Open a resource pool.

  2. In the Resource Requests section of the Resource Pool page, click on the name of a staffing profile.

    Positions with open resource assignment requests display Unmet Demand in orange. The position requesting resources will be selected.

  3. Assign a promised allocation.

    Note: You must have the Resource Mgmt: Promise Unspecified Resources access grant and the parameter ENABLE_PROMISE_RESOURCE_ALLOCATION must be enabled to use the Promise button.

    • From the New UI of the Staffing Profile page,

      1. Click the down arrow next to the Assign icon of the staffing profile line where you want to assign promised allocations.
      2. Click Promise.
    • From the Legacy UI of the Staffing Profile page, Positions with open resource assignment requests display Unmet Demand in orange.

      1. Select a checkbox next to Unmet Demand (only one checkbox can be selected).
      2. Click Promise.

      The Adjust Allocations for Promise dialog box opens, displaying the promised allocation and status.

    • From the Resource Allocation Management page, see Assigning a Resource to a Promised Allocation from Resource Allocation Management Page.

  4. Make any changes to the promised resource's commitment to the staffing profile line.

    • You can change the nature of the promise's commitment between Soft Booked and Committed, or you can remove it entirely. The commitment defaults to Soft Booked.

    • You can change the number of hours/FTE/person days committed to the staffing profile. The values default to the position's unmet demand.

  5. Click Done.

    The Staffing Profile page reloads with your changes made. If unmet demand still remains, you can repeat the assignment process as needed.