Assigning Resources to Tasks

Setting a resource as the Resource for a task automatically books that resource for the task.

Booking a resource for a task also books that resource's primary role.

To book a resource for a role other than their primary role:

  1. Open the work plan.

  2. Double-click the task to which you want to assign a role.

    The Task Details page opens.

  3. Click the Resources tab.

  4. Provide a value in the Assigned Role field.

  5. Click Save.

Assigned tasks can be automatically counted as load against a resource's capacity, but it is recommended that the project staffing profile (if one exists) be configured to count as workload. This allows the work plan to be laid out and scheduled in phases without concern that resources will appear free when they are not yet assigned to specific tasks. Work plan task assignments will show up in Resource Management visualizations such as the two-week Resource Gantt chart pictured in Figure 5-1. View Resource page: Capacity/Load tab.

The Resource Finder can also be used to find the most appropriate resource to complete the task. The Resource Finder scores resources based on role and skill suitability and availability. See Use the Resource Finder for more detailed information.