Team Overview

The Overview tab displays a set of portlets configured by your administrator, enabling you to track your team regularly. You can display additional team-related portlets and customize them to fit your business needs.

Customize Overview layout

You can customize the Overview tab to meet your needs.

To customize the Overview layout:

  1. Prerequisites:

    • The Enable Team Overview Customization option is enabled in the Configure Global Team Settings page. For details, see Configure overview default settings.

      Note: If the Enable Team Overview Customization option is not enabled, the team Overview tab will display four charts. For details, see Team Overview Charts.

    • You have the Edit Resource Pools or Edit All Resource Pools access grant.
  2. Open a team and go to the Overview tab.
  3. Turn on the Edit Mode toggle.

  4. Click Add Portlet.

    The Add Portlets page opens and lists all the team-related portlets (portlets whose category is "team management").

  5. In the Search box, type a keyword to search for the portlets that contain the keyword in the name or description.
  6. Select the target portlet and click Add.

  7. Do the following to change the layout and edit the preferences for a single portlet:

    • Drag and drop a portlet to change its position on page.
    • Drag the border of the portlet to adjust the portlet size.

    • Click to open the Edit Preferences page to change the portlet title and specify the data that the portlet displays.
  8. To delete a portlet, click the Delete button and then click Yes to confirm.
  9. To apply the overview settings configured by the administrator, click Restore to Default.

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Export the Overview tab

You can export team data to PDF or PowerPoint files to share with different people for review and analysis.

To export team overview to a PDF file:

  1. In the upper-left corner of the Overview tab, click the Export to PDF.
  2. In the PDF Settings window, configure what to display in the exported PDF.
  3. Click Export.

To export team overview to a PowerPoint file:

  1. In the upper-left corner of the Overview tab, click Export to PPTX.
  2. In the PPTX Settings dialog box, choose the portlets to export.
  3. Click Export and save the PowerPoint file.

Note: When exporting the team overview to PowerPoint, portlets are saved as screen captures, capturing only the displayed content.

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