This section includes the administration tasks that should be done before using Team Management.

Enable team related features

Go to Administration Console > Administration Task > Feature Management to enable the following features.

Feature Details
Team Management

Enable it if you want to enable any feature of Team Management.

If you only enable it without enabling its subfeatures, you only enable:

  • Creating teams
  • Adding and moving team resources
  • Editing teams
Team Assignment in Staffing Profile

Enable Team Management before enabling this feature.

It allows team managers to assign their teams to positions in staffing profiles.

View Forecast Labor Costs from Staffing Profile

If you enable this, the Costs view is enabled in staffing profiles. The view displays costs of position demands and resource/team assignments line by line.

Enable it if you want to enable team managers or initiative owners to see forecast costs of team assignments from staffing profiles.

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Add team related cost factors

Add team related cost factor: Team, Team Type and Team Specialty to selected cost factors. This is to make sure they are available for use when you create team cost rules.

To add team-related cost factors:

  1. From the main menu, select Open > Administrative > Financials > Change Cost Factors.
  2. Move Team, Team Type and Team Specialty from the Available Columns to the Selected Columns.

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Set up team cost rules

Create team cost rules for PPM to calculate team assignment costs. To do so, from the main menu, select Create > Administrative > Team Cost Rule.

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Configure overview default settings

Configure the default settings of the Overview tab for all the teams in the system. These settings determine how the Overview tab is displayed when a user opens the tab of any teams for the first time.

To configure the overview default settings:

  1. From the main menu, select Open > Team Management.
  2. Click the Configure Global Team Settings button.
  3. In the Configure Global Team Settings page, configure the settings as described in the table below:

    Settings Details
    Enable Team Overview Customization

    Turn on the toggle to enable team overview customization. When it is turned on, you can set the default setting of the Overview tab for all the teams in the system and the Change Overview Layout becomes enabled in the Team Overview tab, enabling the team managers to change their team's overview layout to override the default setting.

    The rest settings are enabled only when this setting is turned on.

    Team Overview Layout

    In the Team Overview Layout section, click Configure Layout and then configure the overview layout.

    For details on how to configure the settings, see Customize Overview layout.

  4. Click Save.

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(Optional) Set global team heatmap colors

Team Heatmap visualizes different sets of data through variations in coloring. You can configure the GLOBAL_TEAM_HEATMAP_COLORS parameter to set the heatmap coloring for all the teams. Team users can use either the global team heatmap colors or their own preferences.

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