Menus for managing IT demand

The IT Demand Management solution provides menus to manage your IT demand. Using these menus requires the correct access grants and security group permissions. If you do not have the menus described in the following section as part of your menu bar, see your application administrator.

In the standard interface menu bar, the IT Demand Management solution adds the Open > Demand Management menu as well as the Demand Sets & Processes submenu of the Open > Administration menu. From these menus, you can:

  • View IT demand

  • Manage IT demand

  • Schedule IT demand

  • Analyze IT demand

  • Run Demand Management reports

  • Administer the IT demand process

Table 2-1 (below) defines the demand-related components of the Open > Demand Management menu and the Open > Administration > Demand Sets & Processes menu.

Note: These menu items might vary slightly depending on the onsite configuration during installation of the IT Demand Management solution.

Note: Menu items in the Open > Administration menu group should be used only by advanced users and application administrators.

Table 2-1. Default Demand Management and Administration menus

Menu Group

Menu Item


Demand Management

Search Requests

Searches for requests using filter criteria you specify and controls which fields are displayed (in columns) for the search results. Allows you to save search criteria with a name you specify.

Manage Consolidated Demand

Analyzes the IT demand placed on your organization. You can also click the graph to schedule or reject a portion of the IT demand. For more information, see Manage Consolidated Demand Page.

Schedule Demand

Schedules when the IT demand will be fulfilled. You can also select to reject the IT demand. For more information, see Schedule Demand Page .

Analyze Demand by Category

Analyzes the current IT demand using a set of filters and display parameters. For more information, see Analyze Demand by Category Page.

Create Requests

Creates a new request. For more information, see the Demand Management User Guide.

Demand Management > Demand Reports

Demand Creation History

Submits the Demand Creation History report.

Satisfied Demand History

Submits the Satisfied Demand History report.

Historical SLA Violations

Submits the Historical SLA Violations report.

Demand Management > Saved Searches

Manage Saved Searches

Manages previously saved searches (see menu item Search Requests). Allows you to specify category names and organize saved searches under those categories. Adds to the Saved Searches menu the names of your saved searches, organized under categories as you specified.

Demand Management > Request Browser

Browse Requests

Searches for requests using filter criteria you specify, controls which fields are displayed (in columns) for the search results, and configures the Request Browser Tree groupings. Allows you to save the preference set with a name you specify.

Demand Management > Request Browser > Saved Preference Sets


Displays the specified preference set in the Request Browser Tree. You must save at least one preference set for this menu item to be active.

Administration > Demand Sets & Processes

Manage Demand Sets

Configures demand sets. This includes adding request types to your demand sets and mapping demand fields to IT demand request type fields.

Manage Bug Fix Process

Opens the DEM - Bug Request workflow in the PPM Workbench.

Manage Enhancement Process

Opens the DEM - Enhancement Request Process workflow in the PPM Workbench.

Manage Initiative Process

Opens the DEM - Project Initiative Process workflow in the PPM Workbench.