What's New in PPM 9.60

This section provides an overview of the features that were introduced or enhanced in PPM 9.60.

PPM Enterprise Suite Concurrent License

PPM 9.60 introduced a new license type: Enterprise Suite Concurrent User. This license type enables a pool of licenses to be shared across a group of potential users, ensuring that at no point in time is the maximum concurrent number of licenses exceeded.

For details, see Concurrent license.

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PPM for Mobile updates

The following updates were added to the PPM for Mobile area.

New app in PPM for Mobile: Approve Time Sheet

The Approve Time Sheet app is now available in PPM for Mobile. You can use this app to view and approve time sheets and time sheet lines.

For details, see View and approve time sheets.

Able to display drill-to portlets PPM for Mobile Dashboard supports displaying drill-to portlets.
Support tablets You can use PPM for Mobile on iPad and other tablets.

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Portfolio Management enhancements

The following enhancements were added to the Portfolio Management module.

Portfolio Backlog

The Backlog tab is now available in the portfolio details page. It enables you to view all the backlog items of your portfolio from the perspective of what values they are to deliver.

To facilitate your viewing, the tab allows you to do the following:

  • Group, filter, and sort backlog items
  • Configure your personal favorite views

For details, see Portfolio backlog.

Click-able links for subportfolios

The subportfolios listed in the portfolio Contents > Subportfolios tab now become click-able. The links bring you to the subportfolios details page.

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PPM Connector

The PPM Connector for Micro Focus Connect lets you synchronize PPM assets like requests with assets in other Micro Focus Connectors, for example, assets found in the Jira connector for Micro Focus Connect.

Go to the following resources for the PPM Connector details:

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PPM Chatbot

PPM Chatbot comes out! Through chatting with PPM Chatbot in Microsoft Teams , you can automate some PPM-related activities without opening PPM, such as creating risks for your project.

It helps save your time that could be allocated to other areas that matter more.

For the PPM Chatbot resources, go to PPM Marketplace: https://marketplace.microfocus.com/appdelivery/category/all?product=Project-and-Portfolio-Management.

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Dashboard enhancements

The following enhancements were added to the Dashboard module.

Configure different Dashboard landing pages for different groups of users

As the PPM administrator, you can:

  • Set up different Dashboard landing pages for different groups of users
  • Control whether users can set their own landing pages

For details, see Configure PPM landing pages.

Use multiple data sources in HTML+ portlets

You can add additional data sources when creating or editing HTML+ portlet definitions. This allows HTML+ portlets to retrieve data from multiple data sources.

For details, see Manage portlet definitions and HTML+ portlets.

Improved text editor for HTML and HTML+ portlet definitions You can now use an improved text editor to edit code for HTML and HTML+ portlet definitions.

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Feature Toggles enhancements

The Feature Toggles page was enhanced for you to quickly find a feature.

  • Features in the Feature Toggles page are now displayed in the reverse chronological order. The latest feature is listed on the top.
  • You can search features by keywords and filters.

For details, see Use feature toggles to turn on/off features.

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Administration enhancements

The following enhancements were added to the administration module.

Administration Console loads clicked items only Before this version, when you open the Administration Console, PPM loads all the JSP pages. Since this version, PPM only loads the pages for the items that you have clicked in the Administration Console.
Monitor PPM usage

As the system admin, you can monitor the PPM usage data of your users so as to understand which parts of PPM are most used. This feature applies to both PPM desktop and PPM for Mobile.

For details, see Monitor PPM usage.

Audit trail for users information updates PPM now logs all the changes to PPM users information in the ITG_AUDIT_LOGS table.
Customizing menu.xml now supports changing the URL of an existing menu item

You can change the URL of an existing menu item by customizing the update_menu.xml file.

For details, see Update an existing menu item.

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Time Management enhancements

The following enhancement was added to the Time Management module.

Search My Items and Suggested Items by name or description

A new field Item Name or Description contains is available in the Add Items to Time Sheet window. You can enter a keyword in the filed to search for an item that contains the keyword in its name or description.

For details, see Use the My Items list and Use the Suggested Items List.

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Project Management enhancements

The following enhancement was added to the Project Management module.

Allow users with the right to edit requests to perform quick edits for the project request fields

If you have the right to edit a project request, you can now update the request fields in the requests Quick Edit mode even when you do not have the right to edit the project.

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Resource Management enhancements

The following enhancement was added to the Resource Management module.

Show/hide totals on top of bars in AAL and ARP portlets

You can control where the totals of bars are displayed in the Analyze Resource Pools and Analyze Assignment Load portlets: at the top of the bars, or in the tooltips of bars.

Note: We also changed the decimal display of the totals. PPM keeps 2 decimals for one-digit totals, 1 decimal for two-digit totals, and no decimal for three-or-more-digit totals.

For details, open the PPM page: Administration Console > Administration Task > Feature Toggles.

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Program Management enhancements

The following enhancement was added to the Program Management module.

ksc_take_snapshot works for programs

You can use the special command ksc_take_snapshot to take financial summary snapshots from the program workflows.

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The following items were deprecated.

Item Details
The Allow Mobile Users to Set Their Own Mobile Dashboard Landing Page feature toggle

The feature toggle was removed. The PPM administrator can use the option Allow users to set their mobile landing pages in the Configure Dashboard Landing page to control whether users can set their own mobile landing pages.

For details, see Configure PPM landing pages.

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