Use the Ant bundled plugin to run Apache Ant builds.


Before you can use the Ant plugin in a chain, install Ant on an agent and add it as a capability. For details, see Add capabilities to agents.

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Configure Ant plugin

When you add the Ant plugin step to a chain, specify the plugin configuration details.

To configure the Ant step:

  1. Add the Ant step to a chain, as described in Create chains.

  2. Enter the plugin configuration details:

    Field Description
    Title The name for the step in the chain. Default name: Ant.
    Path to ant (Optional) The location of the Ant executable. To use the location defined in your path, leave this field empty.
    Targets (Optional) A list of Ant targets, separated by spaces. To use the default target, leave this field empty.
    Path to build file from the root directory (Optional) The path to the Ant build script relative to the checkout directory.
    Working directory (Optional) The working directory if different from the location of the Ant build script.
    Advanced options (Optional)
    Additional Ant command-line parameters

    A list of Ant command-line parameters, separated by spaces, for example:

    -debug -DmyValue=1

    Location of Java JDK to use Location of the Java JDK. To use the system JAVA_HOME, leave the field empty.
    Java options

    Java options, separated by spaces, for example:

    -Xms200m -Xmx700m

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