Build a Docker Image

This plugin creates a Docker image, which is an ordered collection of root filesystem changes and the corresponding execution parameters that you can use in a container runtime.

An image typically contains a union of layered filesystems stacked on top of each other. You can optionally push the image to a Docker repository.

To configure the Build a Docker step:

  1. Add the Build a Docker step to a chain, as described in Create chains.

  2. Enter the plugin configuration details:

    Field Description
    Title The name of the plugin step. Default: Build a Docker Image.
    Root context directory for script (Optional) The root context directory normally contains the dockerfile for the image.
    Docker image name The name of the Docker image to be created.
    Specify Dockerfile contents (ignoring context Dockerfile)

    (Optional) The path to a Dockerfile.

    Docker can build images automatically by reading the instructions from a Dockerfile. A Dockerfile is a text document that contains commands to be called at the command line.

    Use cache when building the image (Optional) To avoid fetching the same content from the server to the registry on every pull operation, you can cache the image layers inside the registry. Set this parameter if your registry is remote from your Dimensions CM server.
    Push image to registry

    (Optional) To push image to registry, specify the following details:

    • Registry. The URL (server:port) that matches the directory in the Docker engine from which you want to access a remote Docker Registry.

    • Username. The name of the user who can access the Docker Registry.

    • Password. The Docker Registry user's password.

    • Email. The Docker Registry user's email.

    Advanced options (Optional)
    Docker host Docker host to use. Default: tcp://
    Local file path on Agent to certificates Local file path on Agent to certificates.
    Configuration directory on Agent Configuration directory on Agent.

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