Run a Deployment Automation Generic Process

Use this bundled plugin to integrate PulseUno with Deployment Automation (DA) and run a DA global process on a specific resource. For example, use this plugin to run a regular, repeated process that delivers updated artifacts.


Before you can use the plugin, prepare your Deployment Automation environment:

  • Install the Deployment Automation server in a network location where the plugin can connect to. For details about supported versions, see the Support Matrix.

  • Create and configure a working global process in Deployment Automation. For details, see the Deployment Automation help.

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Configure the plugin

Because Deployment Automation normally operates on binary files, add the plugin step to a chain that populates a workspace with build artifacts.

To configure the plugin step:

  1. Add the step Run a Deployment Automation Generic Process to a chain, as described in Create chains.

  2. Enter the plugin configuration details:

    Field Description
    Title Enter a name for the plugin step or accept the default name.
    Username Enter the username of a Deployment Automation server administrator.
    Password Enter the password of the Deployment Automation server administrator.
    DA Server URL Enter the URL of the Deployment Automation server web application.
    Generic Process Name Specify the name of the Deployment Automation global process to run on the Deployment Automation server, for example, setup_net_process.
    Resource Name Specify the name of the Deployment Automation resource on which the global process runs, for example, machine_without_net_resource.
    Process Properties

    (Optional) Specify the properties to use when running the Deployment Automation global process.

    Enter each name-value pair on a new line in this format: <property_name>=<property_value>

    For example:



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