Use the Makefile bundled plugin to run GNU Make builds.


Before you can use the plugin, you need to install Makefile on an agent and add it as a capability to the agent. For details, see Add capabilities to agents.

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Configure Makefile plugin

When you add the Makefile plugin to a chain, specify the plugin configuration details.

To configure the Makefile step:

  1. Add the Makefile step to a chain, as described in Create chains.

  2. Enter the plugin configuration details:

    Field Description
    Title Enter a name for the plugin step or accept the default name.
    Working directory (Optional) Enter the path where to run the build, relative to the stream’s root.
    Makefile location (Optional) Enter the Makefile name, for example, Makefile-1. To run the default one, leave the field empty.
    Goals (Optional) Specify the Makefile goals to be executed. To use the default goal, leave this field empty.
    Make executable location (Optional) Enter the path to the Make executable. To use the location defined in your path, or system search path, leave this field empty.
    Use advanced options (optional)
    Options Specify additional flags, for example: -d

    Enter additional variables, separated by spaces, for example:

    myValue=1 myOtherValue=2

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