The MSBuild bundled plugin runs the Microsoft Build Engine, a platform for building applications.


Before you can use the MSBuild plugin in a chain, install MSBuild on an agent and add it as a capability. For details, see Add capabilities to agents.

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Configure MSBuild plugin

When you add the MSBuild plugin to a chain, specify the plugin configuration details.

To configure the MSBuild step:

  1. Add the MSBuild step to a chain, as described in Create chains.

  2. Enter the plugin configuration details:

    Field Description
    Title Enter a name for the plugin step or accept the default name.
    Project file

    (Optional) Enter a path to the .*proj or .sln, relative to stream's root.

    The plugin builds the targets in the specified project file. To use a .proj file in the current working directory, leave the field empty.

    You can also specify a Visual Studio solution file for this argument.

    MSBuild executable location (Optional) Enter the path to the MSBuild executable. To use the location defined in your path, or system search path, leave this field empty.

    (Optional) Enter any additional options, for example:


    For details, see the MSBuild Command-Line Reference.

    Environment variables

    (Optional) Specify environment variables that override other settings for this chain. Enter each variable on a new line in this format:


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