Add personal access tokens

You can create personal access tokens (PATs) in PulseUno. When you run command-line operations that require access to the Git or Vault servers, you can replace your password with a PAT.

PAT overview

Personal access tokens are a secure alternative to passwords. After creating a PAT, you can run Git and Vault commands using your access token in place of a password, combined with your username.

Example: Use PATs if your PulseUno instance is set up for a two-factor authentication and you are running PulseUno operations from a command-line tool like Git or Maven.

When working with PATs, store your tokens safely and follow the same security procedures as for passwords.

You can revoke your PATs anytime. For details on how to revoke the PATs of other users, see Revoke personal access tokens.

Note: Before using an access token, verify that you have proper permissions for the relevant PulseUno vault or Git repository. For details about roles and permissions, see Manage members and teams.

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Create personal access token

You create PATs in your user preferences.

To add a personal access token:

  1. Click the user avatar on the top navigation bar, and select Preferences.

  2. On the sidebar, select Preferences > Personal Access Tokens.
  3. On the Personal Access Tokens page, click New Token .
  4. Enter the PAT details:

    Field Description
    Title Enter a name for your token. Make it descriptive to identify it in the list of tokens.
    Expiration Select a validity period from the list. You can specify a custom expiration date.

    Select the operations for which you plan to use this personal access token:

    • Git push. Push commits to a PulseUno Git repository. Git push automatically includes the Git pull permissions.

    • Git pull. Clone or pull the content of a PulseUno Git repository.

    • Vault deploy. Deploy packages to a PulseUno vault. Vault deploy automatically includes the vault download permissions.

    • Vault download. Download packages from a PulseUno vault.

  5. Click Save.
  6. In the dialog box that opens, copy the generated token value, save it in a safe place, and close the dialog box.

    Caution: Save the token before closing the token dialog box. After you close the dialog box, the token is no longer available for copying.

    Your token is now displayed in the list of personal access tokens.

  7. To revoke your PAT, select the token and click Revoke .

After creating a personal access token, check if your security notifications are enabled. You need administrator permissions for this task. For details, see Set email notifications.

For details on how to subscribe to PAT notifications, see Subscribe to email notifications.

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