Set changeset graph and date range defaults

Set a default date range to limit the data displayed in graphs and views to a particular time period. You can also select default options for how the changeset graph is displayed.

To set the default date range and the changeset graph view:

  1. In PulseUno, click the user avatar on the top navigation bar, and select Preferences.

  2. On the sidebar, select Preferences > Changeset Views.

  3. To set the changeset graph view, specify the following options:

    Display Scale

    Select one of the display options:

    • Changeset. Displays individual changesets.

    • Daily. Groups changesets by days.

    • Weekly. Groups changesets by weeks.

    Zoom level Select the scale at which you want to view changesets. By default, changesets are displayed at 100% scale.
  4. To set the time period for which to display the changesets and other data, select the start and end dates. The default range is the last 3 months.

    The date range applies to Reports, Changeset Graph, and Changeset History.

  5. Click Save.

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