About changesets

PulseUno uses changesets to visualize information about changes.

A changeset is a logical grouping of changes that is automatically created every time you deliver changes in a stream/branch to a repository. A changeset enables you to identify, work with, and track sets of changes. Every changeset that you deliver creates a new version of a stream or branch.

You can view the information in changesets in the following ways:

Changeset Graph Visualizes your changesets and streams/branches of development. For details, see View changeset graphs.
Changeset History

Displays the history of changes as a list of changesets in a stream/branch. For details, see View changeset history.

Open a changeset to view its summary, chain runs, and files. For details, see View changesets.

Changeset information is available for a space, product, and stream/branch.

You can also track changeset information specific to your user in the My Work area. To open My Work, click the company logo in the upper-left corner of the screen.

As an administrator, you can configure changesets to automatically create reviews and run chains. The first delivery of a changeset creates a PulseUno review with the same title as the delivery change comment. If the review is related to a request, subsequent deliveries that use the same request are grouped under the same review.

To create reviews and run chains, first you need to create delivery filters and define which changesets automatically create reviews and run chains. For details, see Create reviews and run chains automatically.

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