Portfolio contents

Use the Contents tab to include contents in your portfolio, review the contents periodically to prioritize the contents, and decide what to invest.

Note: The Contents tab is only visible if it is enabled by your admin. The actual tab name may be different in your organization since admins can customize the tab's name. For details, see Set up portfolio tabs.

Add subportfolios

You can add a portfolio to the current portfolio. The portfolios added to the current portfolio are referred to as subportfolios or child portfolios.

To add a subportfolio to a portfolio:

  1. Open a portfolio and go to the Contents tab.

  2. Select the Plain List view or Hierarchy view in the top-right corner.

  3. Click Add and select the portfolio type for the subportfolio.

    Only the portfolio types that are selected in Set entity type in backlog are available for selection.

  4. Complete the required fields and click Done.

The current portfolio could have a parent portfolio and child portfolios, and child portfolios may also have child portfolios. Cumulatively, these portfolios build up a portfolio hierarchy. For details, see Portfolio hierarchy.

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Add portfolio epics

To enhance a portfolio, add epics in one of the following ways:

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Move portfolio contents

You can move contents that directly belong to the current portfolio, to another portfolio.

To move a portfolio's contents to another portfolio:

  1. Open the portfolio's Contents tab, and select the Hierarchy view .

  2. Select the portoflio contents to move and click Move.

  3. In the Move Portfolio Contents dialog box, select the target portfolio to which to move the portfolio contents.

  4. Click OK.

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Remove portfolio contents

You can remove contents from a portfolio. The items removed from the portfolio are not deleted from the system.

To remove contents from a portfolio:

  1. Open the portfolio and go to the Backlog tab.

  2. Click the Hierarchy view .

  3. Select the portfolio contents you want to remove from the portfolio and click Remove.

    You can only remove the contents that directly belong to the portfolio.

Removing a subportfolio from the portfolio changes the portfolio hierarchy.

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View portfolio contents

The portfolio Contents tab provides comprehensive information for each portfolio content, including status, value rating, risk rating, and the strategic theme served by the portfolio content.

The Contents tab includes the Plain List, Hierarchy, Board, and Roadmap views to help you track the portfolio contents from different vantage points. These views are accessible in the top-right corner of the tab.

Button View Description
Plain List

Lists the portfolio contents in a plain list. You can group, filter, sort the contents, and configure what information to display. You can also add, remove, and edit portfolio contents.

For details, see Plain list view.


Lists the portfolio contents in a hierarchical structure. You can filter, sort the contents, and configure what information to display. You can also add or remove portfolio contents.

For details, see Hierarchy view.


Lists the portfolio contents in a visual and interactive way. The portfolio board is divided into columns and swim lanes. Each column and swim lane represents a group, such as strategic theme and status. Under each column in the swim lane, the relevant portfolio contents are displayed as cards.

For details, see Board view.


Includes a Gantt chart that displays schedule information for each portfolio content .

For details, see Roadmap view.

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