Create portfolio epics in ValueEdge Agile

Create and develop epics in ValueEdge Agile, sync them to ValueEdge Strategy, and then add them to your portfolios.

Create portfolio epics in ValueEdge Agile

This section describes how to create epics in ValueEdge Agile and sync them to ValueEdge Strategy.

To create an epic in ValueEdge Agile:

  1. Create an epic in ValueEdge Agile. Make sure you leave the Epic Level field undefined. For details, see the Backlog management topic in the ValueEdge Help Center.
  2. Epics created in ValueEdge Agile whose Epic Level is undefined are periodically synced to ValueEdge Strategy and listed in the portfolio candidate pool. You can add these epics to your portfolio and manage them in the Contents tab. For details, see Add epics to your portfolio.

  3. If you add features to the epic, these features are also synced to ValueEdge Strategy and listed on the Features tab of the epic. For details, see View a portfolio epic's features.

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Add epics to your portfolio

You can add epics that are synced from ValueEdge Agile to your portfolio from either the portfolio candidate pool or the portfolio Contents tab.

To add epics to a portfolio from the candidate pool:

Note: The candidate pool enables you to add epics to multiple portfolios from a single location, without opening every portfolio.

  1. From the ValueEdge menu, select Portfolio & Strategy > Portfolio Management.

    Tip: The Hamburger menu is located at the top left of the screen.

  2. In the upper-right corner, click Candidate Pool.

  3. In the Candidates page, select the checkboxes of the epics you want to add to your portfolio and then click Move.

    Tip: Include the Agile project column in the grid to easily find the target epic. Epics synced from ValueEdge Agile display their workspace names in the Agile project column.

  4. In the Move Portfolio Contents dialog box, select the portfolio where the epics are moved and then click OK.

To add epics to a portfolio from the portfolio Contents tab:

  1. Open a portfolio and go to the Contents tab.

  2. Select the Plain List view or Hierarchy view .

  3. Click Add portfolio contents > All Candidates.

  4. In the Add Existing Candidate page, select the epics you want to include in the portfolio and click OK.

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