Users and security groups

A security group controls what the group users can view and perform in ValueEdge Strategy.

Predefined security groups

To access and perform actions in ValueEdge Strategy, you must be assigned the Strategy license or the Space admin role in ValueEdge. For details on user management, see the ValueEdge Help Center.

Note: If a user is newly added or modified, the user must wait for 30 minutes before they can access and perform actions in ValueEdge Strategy.

The roles and licenses you are assigned in ValueEdge determine the security group where you belong. ValueEdge Strategy includes these security groups: SPM User and SPM Admin. The security groups and their related accesses and actions allowed in ValueEdge Strategy are predefined and cannot be modified.

The following table explains the mapping between security group, role/license, and what users of each security group can do.

Security group Role or license Permissions
SPM User

Strategy license, or

Space admin role

  • View, create, and edit strategic themes in Portfolio & Strategy> Corporate Strategy.

  • View, create, and edit portfolio types, portfolios, and portfolio epics in Portfolio & Strategy > Portfolio Management.

SPM Admin

Space admin role

View user information and execution logs in Administration > Portfolio & Strategy Settings.

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View users and security groups

Users who belong to the SPM Admin security group can view to which security group a specific user belongs.

To view the security group of a user:

  1. From the ValueEdge platform menu, select Administration > Portfolio & Strategy Settings.

  2. In the User Management tab, select the user from the list. The user details are displayed.
  3. Go to the Security Groups section.
  4. Click the Directly Linked Security Groups tab to view to which security group the user is added.

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