Save a scenario copy

You can save a copy of a scenario, including its content, scheduling, and capacity planning, by taking a snapshot or exporting it as an image.

Take a snapshot

You can capture snapshots of a scenario at any time and use snapshots for comparison.

To take a snapshot of a scenario:

  1. From the ValueEdge platform menu, select Portfolio & Strategy > Portfolio Management.

    Tip: The Hamburger menu is located at the top left of the screen.

  2. In the upper-right corner, click What-if Analysis .
  3. From the What-if Analysis page, open a scenario for which you want to create a snapshot.
  4. On top-left of the page, click Take Snapshot.
  5. In the Create Snapshot page, provide a name for the snapshot.
  6. Click Done.

    The snapshot preserves a copy of the scenario. You can compare a snapshot with other snapshots or scenarios to see the impact of different invest plans and to determine an optimal scenario. For details, see Compare scenarios.

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Export a scenario

You can export a scenario as a Portable Network Graphics (.png) file.

To export a scenario as an image:

  1. Open the details page of the scenario you want to export.
  2. At the top-right corner, click Export.

    The entire content and graphs present within the scenario are exported to the image file.

  • The export to image function is not supported on Safari because the component used to export the scenario to image is unsupported on Safari.
  • Excessive content and graphs in a scenario may cause export failure on the Firefox browser.

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