Tests with steps

Sprinter enables you to run steps that you manually added to your test or those that you imported from an external file.

When you run your test, the steps are displayed in the Steps sidebar. From the Steps sidebar you can:

  • Navigate your steps

  • Mark the status of your steps

  • Modify the actual results of your steps

  • Add attachments to steps

  • Add screen captures to the actual results of your steps

  • Edit your steps' details

  • Submit defects

  • Search in your steps

  • View the parameters in your steps

The Steps sidebar also provides a Subtitles mode, which displays your step descriptions and enables you to navigate and mark your steps in a one line subtitle, while providing more screen real estate for your application.

When you finish your run, Sprinter saves your changes to the run results for your run.

For ALM users:

  • If you made changes to your steps' details, Sprinter prompts you to save your changes to the Test Plan module in Application Lifecycle Management.
  • If your test is checked-in, Sprinter automatically checks it out, saves your changes, and checks it back in. If your test is checked-out to another user, Sprinter warns you that your changes cannot be saved.

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