Steps sidebar

This sidebar enables you to navigate, mark, and edit the steps in your test.

For ALM users: If you are running a Business Process Test, the Steps sidebar displays the test hierarchy and components in an additional pane on the left. The Steps display area displays the steps for the selected component.

UI Example

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Click thumbnail to view full size image with Octane integration.

To access
  1. Enter Run mode

  2. Open a test or component.

  3. Click Run.

Tip: To lock the sidebar in the open position, click the thumbtack icon. To reposition the sidebar, click and drag on the sidebar header.

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Important information

If your manual test does not have any steps and you did not manually change the Sprinter configuration file, the Steps sidebar is not displayed.

Important information for ALM users
  • Some options are available only when you are connected to Application Lifecycle Management.

  • Some options are available only when you are working with Business Process Testing.

  • Steps in components are displayed in the order in which they were created and not by their logical order in the component.

  • User defined fields in steps are not supported in Application Lifecycle Management business process tests.

The Steps sidebar contains the following elements: