Subtitles toolbar

This toolbar enables you to run, mark, and edit the steps in your test while in subtitles mode.

UI Example
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To access

Click the Steps sidebar > Subtitles button , and then hover over the subtitle.

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Manage test steps

Important information
  • You can use hotkeys to mark a step's status, navigate steps, and perform other functions. For details, see Settings dialog box.

  • You can still view the Steps sidebar while you are in Subtitles mode, by clicking on the Steps sidebar tab.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Previous Step. Displays the previous step.

Next Step. Displays the next step.

Actual Result. Opens the Actual Result dialog box, enabling you to modify the actual result and add a screen capture or annotated screen capture to the actual result.

Step Status. Enables you to select a status for the current step from the drop-down list: Passed, Failed, Blocked, Not Completed, or No Run.

When you mark a step Passed, the next step is displayed automatically. When you mark a step Failed, the next step is not displayed automatically. This gives you the opportunity to open a defect on the current step.

Hide Subtitles. Hides the subtitles display.

Settings. Opens the Subtitles Settings dialog box.

Step Details. (Alt+Up) Displays the following step details:

  • Name

  • Description

  • Expected Result

  • Actual Result. If you added a screen capture to the Actual Result, an icon is added to this area. If you place the cursor over the icon, the screen capture is displayed.

  • Step attachments. If you added an attachment to a step, an icon indicates the attachment. Double-clicking the icon opens the attachment in your default program for that file type. For images, moving the pointer over the icon displays a preview of the attachment.

Click the button again to close the step details display.