Run Area - Steps tab

This tab displays the steps in your test.

For ALM users:  For Business Process Tests it displays the test hierarchy, including components, steps, groups, flows, and iterations.

It also enables you to import steps to a test from an external file.

The number in the Steps tab title within parentheses, indicates the number of steps in the selected test.

The following capabilities let you manage your view:

  • You can resize the Sprinter window and the columns in the display to view all the information.

  • You can expand thumbnail images in your steps by double clicking the image or by selecting the Expanded View button from the toolbar.
  • Right-click the column header area to select which columns to display.

  • The Name, Description, and Expected Result values can be edited in the Steps sidebar during the test run.

  • For ALM users, parameters in steps are represented by <actual value >. If there is no actual value, the parameter is displayed as <<<parameter name>>> .

  • For ALM users, you cannot Export, Print, or Email steps in a Business Process Test.

Descriptions of the user interface elements, described below, are also available in the pane.

UI Element


Export. Enables you to export all steps to an external spreadsheet.

Drop-down options:

  • Export to Excel

  • Export to CSV

Print. Prints the steps list.

Drop-down options:

  • Print

  • Print Preview

Send Email. Enables you to email the step list as an attachment. A default mail client must be installed on the Sprinter machine.

Expanded View. Expands the view for all steps.


A list of steps performed during the run session.