Record and run macros

This topic describes how to use macros to have Sprinter perform a series of user actions in your test and run them as a single command.

Macros can be used only in tests run in Power Mode.

To record or run a macro:

  1. In Run mode, make sure that Power Mode is active, as indicated by a green indicator. Click Run or choose Run selected test. The Run screen opens. Expand the Macros sidebar. For details, see the relevant steps in Prepare a test to run in Power Mode.

  2. Record a macro

    If your application already has a macro associated with it that you want to run, you can skip this step.

    1. In the Macros sidebar click the Record button .

    2. Perform the actions you want to include in your macro.

    3. In the Macros sidebar, click the Stop button . The Macro Details Dialog Box opens.

    4. Set the definitions for your macro and save it. For details, see Macro Details dialog box.

  3. Run a macro

    1. For best results, close the instance of the application upon which the macro was recorded. Allow Power Mode to reopen the application.

    2. In the Macros sidebar select the macro you want to run from the macros drop-down list.

    3. In the Macros sidebar click the Run button .

    4. The Macros sidebar displays an icon in its tab indicating the progress and success or failure of the macro. Click the icon for more details.

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