Scanners sidebar

Relevant for Power Mode only

This sidebar enables you to scan your application, configure scanner settings, and view scan results.

UI Example
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To access
  1. Enter Run mode and open a test or component.

  2. Turn on Power mode.

  3. Click the Application Settings button and expand the Scanners section.

  4. In the Scanners pane, turn on at least one scanner.

  5. Select Run or Run Selected Test. The sidebar opens in the top right corner of the screen.

Tip: To lock the sidebar in the open position, click the thumbtack icon. To reposition the sidebar, click and drag on the sidebar header.

Important information

If you do not turn on any scanners prior to the run session, the Scanners sidebar is not displayed. To display the sidebar, stop the run and turn on at least one scanner.

See also

Sprinter scanners

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Elements


Start Scan. Instructs all enabled scanners to scan the currently active screen/page/area of the application. You can monitor the scan progress in the Scan progress window.

Last Scan Results. Opens the Scan Results Viewer, which enables you to view the results from the last performed scan. If no scan was performed during the run session, this option is disabled. For details, see Scan Results viewer.

Note: The Scan Results Viewer displays results only for the last performed scan.

Scanner Settings. Opens the Scanner Settings dialog box, which enables you to turn individual scanners on or off. It also enables you to define settings for each scanner. The options in this dialog box are identical to the options in the Scanners pane. For details, see Scanners tab and Settings dialog box.