Scan progress window

This window enables you to monitor the status of each selected scanner during the scan. It also displays the number of potential defects found by each scanner.

UI Example
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To access

During a run session, click the Start Scan button on the Scanners sidebar tab.

Important information
  • By default, only summary information is displayed. You can expand the window to view detailed information about each scanner.

  • If all scans run successfully and results are found, this window closes after the scan is completed, and the Scan Results Viewer opens. For details, see Scan Results viewer.

  • If one or more scans fail, the failure reason is displayed in a tooltip when you hover over the scanner name.

See also

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element


<Scan status>

The overall progress of the scan.

Potential defects found

The total number of scan results, which may indicate defects in the application.

<Scan status details>

The scanner name, potential defects, and status for each scanner that you selected to use.


Shows or hides the scan status details.