Sprinter Defect Tracking System API
Getting Started


Using the Defect Tracking System API you can write a Sprinter add-in connector that submits defects to a defect tracking application. Your connector runs when Sprinter runs a test.

JIRA and Bugzilla connectors are provided with Sprinter. See the Sprinter documentation for details.


Developing an connector requires .NET programming and knowledge of the external defect tracking application.

The .NET framework, version 4 or higher must be installed on the development and run-time environments.

Development Project

Set up a project to create a Windows Class Library.

Add a reference to HP.Sprinter.DefectTrackingSystemAPI. This component is available in the Sprinter installation in the \bin folder.

Implement the  IDefectTrackingSystem Interface and the IConnectableSystem Interface. Code your connector to be thread-safe.


To deploy your add-in, place the assembly DLL in the bin\DTS folder under the Sprinter installation. Sprinter loads the connector at the next startup.