Configure Virtual Services

This task describes how to configure your virtual service to meet your needs.


Select simulation models

In the Virtual Service Editor, select existing data and performance models to use with your virtual service, or add new models.

For task details on simulation models, see Manage simulation models.

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Configure virtual service endpoints

You can modify real and virtual service endpoint information that you provided when creating the virtual service, or in some cases, configure additional options.

In the Virtual Service Editor, under Service Configuration, click Edit to open the Edit Endpoints dialog box.

In the Edit Endpoints dialog box, you can click Show Endpoint Topology to display a diagram of your service endpoint configuration.

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Configure Service Virtualization agents

You can modify agent information that you selected when creating the virtual service. In the Virtual Service Editor, under Service Configuration, click Configure. The Agents page opens.

For user interface details, see Agent user interfaces.

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Enable message logging

To enable logging, in the Virtual Service Editor, under Service Debugging, select Message Logging.

For more details, see Message Logging.

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Disable schema learning

You can block changes to the service description during learning or message import.

This is useful, for example, when the service was created from an existing WSDL or schema, and you want to ensure that messages with a different structure do not modify it.

For more details, see Virtual Service Editor.

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Edit the service description

You can modify the service description associated with your virtual service. Depending on the service type, you can do the following:

  • add/remove operations/URI spaces
  • edit request/response metadata
  • add/remove/edit XML schemas
  • add/remove data formats
  • define session identifiers

For task details, see Edit a Service Description.

For user interface details, see Service Description Editor.

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Set security options

In the Virtual Service Editor, under Security Settings, define authentication credentials and message security.

Note: This may be required before you can connect to the real service.

For task details, see Set Security.

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Change servers

You can redeploy the virtual services in your project to a different server, if required.

From the main menu, select Project > Change Server to open the Change Server for <current project> Project dialog box.

Alternatively, in the Virtualization Explorer, right-click the project tree and select Change Server.

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