Import Real Service Description Page

This wizard page enables you to import service description documents when you create a new virtual service or add service call activity to a data model in an existing service.

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The create new virtual service wizard contains:

Import Real Service Description Page > Choose Service Protocol Page > Service Properties Page > Summary of Virtualization Page

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User interface elements are described below:

UI Element Description
Service description

Enables you to import the following:

  • WSDL document
  • XML schema (XSD) document
  • COBOL copybook
  • OpenAPI (Swagger) file. Select your swagger.json file. Any associated .json files are loaded automatically.

  • Fixed-Length service description. For details, see Service description format. Note: This option has been enhanced as part of the Early access features.

Enter the URL or path to your service description file, or click Browse to navigate to a file location.

You can also import a service description file from an existing virtual service. In your project directory, import a .vsdsc file to create the new virtual service.

I don't have a service description

Enables you to create a virtual service without using an existing service description. Select this option to create an empty REST service.

Guidelines and Tips

  • WSDL documents: If the WSDL describes multiple services or a single service specifying multiple ports, select one from the list of available ports in the dialog box that opens. To connect to a secure web service, you will be prompted to enter credentials.
  • Fixed-Length services: Perform a multiple selection of all relevant service description files, and then learn the sample messages. For details, see the Learn Schema Dialog Box.
  • REST services: After you create the REST service, record real service behavior to learn the structure of the service.

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