Stateful Layout View

This view enables you to order request/response pairs to define the sequence in which they are used during a stateful simulation.

To access

In the Data Model Editor, click the Stateful Layout button.

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User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element Description
Track Position column

Located in the main pane of the Data Model Editor, indicates the track and track position of the selected row. If the row is a part of multiple tracks, each instance is highlighted in the tracks pane.

Right-click in the Track Position column for a given row and click Add to Track to add the call to the sequence of calls in the track. You can add the row again to the same track, or to a different track.

<track pane>

Located in the right pane, displays the sequence of calls in the track. The order reflects how the calls are used in a stateful simulation.

Select a call to highlight its row in the rule.

<track name> Located at the top of the track pane. Click to edit.
<track filter>

List of tracks in the data model. Options include:

  • Current Rule Tracks
  • All Tracks

You can display all tracks or tracks for the currently selected rule only.

Tip: Select multiple tracks and expand the track pane to view several tracks side by side.

New Track Creates a new track.
Delete Deletes the currently displayed track. You can choose to delete the track only, or also delete the rows that include track positions of the selected track.

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