Summary of Virtualization Project Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to create a new virtualization project.

To access From the main menu, select File > New > Virtualization Project.
Relevant tasks End-to-end workflow
See also Introducing Service Virtualization

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element Description

Displays the default name for the project you are creating.

Path Displays the default location in the file system where the project is created.

Displays the default server to be used with the new project.

All services in the project are deployed on this server.


Opens the Change Project dialog box, enabling you to modify the following details:

  • Project. Enter a name for the project or accept the default name.
  • Path. Enter a path for the project or accept the default path.
  • Server. Select the server on which to deploy the virtual service.

    You can select the Designer's embedded server, or a standalone Service Virtualization Server. For details on adding Service Virtualization Servers, see Manage Service Virtualization servers.

Create Creates the new project according to your specified settings.