Browsers in TruClient

Different browsers are available to use for recording your TruClient script.

Supported browsers

Several browsers are supported in TruClient, depending on the TruClient script type selected: TruClient Web scripts are supported in all browsers listed below, while TruClient Mobile Web is supported in TruClient Browser.

The following browsers are supported:

  • Chromium. An open-source Web browser project from which Google Chrome draws its source code. Chromium is recommended for testing applications that run on Google Chrome or the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge.
  • TruClient Browser. Developed for Windows, based on Mozilla technology. TruClient Browser is recommended for testing applications that run on the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Note: Support for Internet Explorer has been deprecated. Existing TruClient scripts recorded in Internet Explorer are supported in load mode only. For details, see Using TruClient scripts for performance testing (Load mode).

Support for Internet Explorer in load mode will be deprecated in a future version.

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Supported browser versions

The following browser versions are supported in TruClient 2023:


TruClient Browser

Chromium 108

Equivalent to Firefox version 101

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Additional browser considerations

TruClient records your actions while you perform a business process on the browser that TruClient displays. To simulate the functionality of a particular browser, choose that browser when recording or replaying a script.

Generally, the TruClient Web protocol adjusts to differences between supported browsers, so you can record on one browser and replay on any supported browser. However, if you record a script in one browser and replay it in a different browser, you might encounter issues in test results and in the test run. For details on the differences between the various browsers, see Differences between supported browsers.

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