AI-based testing Feedback Tool

GUI UFT Mobile and Web tests only

When using AI to inspect your application for objects, you can send feedback directly to Micro Focus. Let us know how well we identified the objects in your application and help improve the identification in the future.

Note: In UFT 15.0, AI-based testing is supported for mobile testing only.

In UFT 15.0.1, desktop web support is added as a technical preview.

Open the feedback tool

You can open the feedback tool when using AI features in UFT or when working with UFT AI Codeless independently.

When inspecting the objects in your application, after the object identification is completed, click How is the detection? Help us improve.

The feedback tool opens, displaying your application and highlighting the objects detected by AI.

Note: Depending on the version you are using, the tools user interface and options may differ slightly.

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Register and log in to the feedback server

Before you can send any feedback, you must register and log in to the feedback server. Register to the server once, and use the credentials you set up to log in each time you open the feedback tool.

Configure proxy settings

If your system requires using a proxy to access the Internet, enter the proxy settings before registering.

Click the settings button, select Use proxy, and enter your proxy address and credentials.

Register to the feedback server

Click the REGISTER button, provide your contact details and follow the instructions to complete the registration.

Log in to the feedback server

To log in, click the LOG IN button and provide the credentials you set up when you registered.

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Enter your feedback

After you log in to the feedback server, you can send Micro Focus feedback about the identification. Your feedback does not affect the current object identification in your application. It will be considered in future releases of AI-based testing as Micro Focus continues to expand and enhance these capabilities.

You can provide various types of feedback:

Note: Depending on the version you are using, the user interface might look slightly different.

General comments

Enter your comments in the General comment box.

UFT 15.0.1 and later: To collapse the right-hand pane and focus on the image of the application and the identified objects, click .

Comments on the identification of a specific object

Hover over an identified object enter a comment in the box that opens.

Approve or reject the identification of a specific object's type

Hover over an identified object and click the x or the check mark . You can also add a comment suggesting a different type for this object.

Mark additional objects that were not identified

  1. Click Mark an object .

  2. Move and resize the highlighted grid to fit the object that you want to mark.

  3. Enter an object type and press Enter. The object type can be one of the types supported by AI-based testing or a suggestion for a new type. See AI testing: Supported control types.

To remove an object from the list of objects you marked, click the object in the application and then click the delete icon.

Blur sensitive data

Supported on UFT versions 15.0.1 and later

If your application displays sensitive data that you do not want to include in the feedback that you send, you can blur it using the feedback tool:

  1. Click the Pixelate button.
  2. Drag and resize the highlighted area to cover the information you want to blur.

  3. Click Apply Pixelation.
  4. Repeat as necessary to blur additional areas.

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Send your feedback

To send your feedback to Micro Focus:

  1. Make sure you are logged in to the feedback server

  2. Enter at least one element of feedback
  3. Select whether to include metadata in your feeback (application and device details)

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