Business Process Testing with the BPT Packaged Apps Kit

Relevant for: business process tests and flows

Normally, when you create business process tests of your application, you create tests in different ways:

  • Create individual components of each area of the application. These components each contain their own application area that contains an object repository of the objects in the area of the application.

  • Record a business process test. You perform user actions in your application, and UFT One changes these actions into steps inside the test's components. While recording, you can also add additional components, enabling you to create individual components for divisions of your application as needed.

To make creating business process tests of your SAP applications simpler, you use the BPT Packaged Apps Kit. When you use the BPT Packaged Apps Kit, you can:

  • Automatically learn the steps you perform on the SAP application, and then generate a test with separate components based on the screens and transactions within your applications.

  • Run tests in Change Detection Mode to determine how your application has changed since the test or flow was created. After UFT One determines the changes, you can automatically update your tests, flows, and components as needed.

The BPT Packaged Apps Kit works with any supported version of ALM. Change Detection Mode is available for the following ALM versions:

• 11.52 patch 7 or higher

• 12.01 patch 2 or higher

• 12.21, any patch version

• All versions 12.50 and higher

For task details, see Learn business process tests and flows and Detect and resolve changes using Change Detection Mode.