Event recording configuration for Web objects

When you record on a Web application, UFT One generates steps by recording the events you perform on the Web objects in your application. An event is a notification that occurs in response to an operation, such as a change in state, or as a result of the user clicking the mouse or pressing a key while working in a Web application.

You may need to record more or fewer events than UFT One automatically records by default. If so, modify the default event recording settings for Web objects using the Web Event Recording Configuration Dialog Box. Use one of three predefined configurations or customize the individual event recording configuration settings to meet your specific needs.

For example, UFT One does not generally record mouseover events on link objects. If, however, you have mouseover behavior connected to a link, it may be important for you to record the mouseover event. In this case, customize the configuration to record mouseover events on link objects whenever they are connected to a behavior.

The settings in the Web Event Recording Configuration Dialog Box affect recording only for objects that UFT One recognizes as Web test objects. The recording configuration for other Web-based objects (such as Siebel, PeopleSoft, .NET Web Forms, and SAP Web controls) is defined by environment-specific XML configuration files.

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