Known Issues - ActiveX Add-in

This section contains troubleshooting and limitation information about working with the ActiveX Add-in.

General Limitations
  • The ActiveX Add-in is not supported on Internet Explorer 11 when the Enhanced Protected Mode is turned on.

  • If UFT One does not recognize an ActiveX control inside a Web page, reduce the security level within your Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.

  • If an ActiveX control is registered after UFT One was started, UFT One may not recognize the controls correctly. For example, UFT One may recognize an AcxCalendar as a ActiveX object.

    Workaround: Install the application running the ActiveX controls and register all ActiveX objects before starting UFT One.

Unsupported Controls

UFT does not support certain ActiveX controls or controls with certain prefixes:

  • Msawt

  • SpectrumHR.GrabBag

  • SpectrumHR.EDataControl

  • SpectrumHR.SSDBGridEventHandler

  • ShockwaveFlash

  • Spider90

  • XGO

  • AMOVIE.ActiveMovieControl.2

  • MediaPlayer.MediaPlayer.1

  • Trident.HTMLEditor.1

  • htmlfile

  • xmlfile

  • htmlfile_FullWindowEmbed

  • xmlfile_FullWindowEmbed

  • lnkfile

  • JScript

  • VBScript

  • MSJava

  • PDF.PdfCtrl.1

  • ScriptBridge.ScriptBridge.1

  • JavaSoft.JavaBeansBridge.1

  • Oracle.JavaBeansBridge.1

  • Spider.Loader.1

  • COMCTL.ImageListCtrl.1

  • ActiveTabs.SSTabPanel.4

  • ActiveTabs.SSTabPanel.2

  • ActiveTabs.SSTabPanel.3

  • {3050f67D-98b5-11cf-bb82-00aa00bdce0b}

  • {3050F5C8-98B5-11CF-BB82-00AA00BDCE0B}

  • TriEditDocument.TriEditDocument.1

  • Miner3D.Miner3DObj.1

  • ActiveBar2Library.ActiveBar2.2

  • {275C23E2-3747-11D0-9FEA-00AA003F8646}

  • SpectrumHR.GrabBag.1

  • SpectrumHR.EDataControl.1

  • SpectrumHR.SSDBGridEventHandler.1

Test object methods
  • If you use the ActivateCell, ActivateColumn, SelectCell, SetCellData, SelectColumn.and specify the column by name in the method arguments, an error occurs when you run the test.

    Workaround: When calling these methods, specify the column by number.

  • When inserting steps in the Editor for a Web application that has a mixed hierarchy of Java objects inside an ActiveX control, then it may take a long time for UFT One to retrieve the possible argument values (dynamic list of values) for ActiveX arguments.

    Workaround: Insert these steps using the Keyword View (where the dynamic list of values functionality is not used).

  • Methods performed on row and column positions for Apex, DataBound, and Sheridan grids return the values of the visible positions and not the absolute positions within the tables.

    Workaround: Use the scroll bar while recording in order to display the required cells.

  • If a "windowless" ActiveX radio button object is not first activated by clicking on it (AcxRadioButton.Click) or by using the Set method, a step containing the AcxRadioButton.GetVisibleText method will return an error stating that the object is not visible.

    Workaround: Insert a step using the Click or Set methods prior to any step that uses the GetVisibleText method on a "windowless" ActiveX radio button object.

Object identification
  • If an ActiveX control's internal properties have the same name as the ActiveX properties created by UFT One, retrieval and verification of such properties may be problematic.

    Workaround: You can access the internal properties of an ActiveX control using the Object property.

Checkpoints and Output Values
  • ActiveX table checkpoints capture only visible rows in data bound grids.

  • When you insert a checkpoint on an ActiveX table from the Active Screen, the browser (or application) must be open to the same page (or screen). Otherwise, some data from the ActiveX table will be missing.

    Workaround: Create ActiveX table checkpoints while recording.

  • Checkpoints and output values for ActiveX properties of type VT_DISPATCH are not supported.

  • Checkpoints and output values for write-only ActiveX properties are not supported.

  • If you perform an update run (Run > Update Run Mode) on a test that contains checkpoints or output values for windowless ActiveX controls, and then you rerun the test, the run session may fail. This is because a hidden property called "windowless" is missing from the test object description.

    Workaround: You can either relearn the problematic ActiveX controls, or you can add the "windowless" property with a value of 1 to all problematic, windowless ActiveX controls.