Application Details Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to add details for an application or to edit details for the application that you selected in the Windows Applications tab of the Record and Run Settings dialog box.

To access

In the Windows Applications Tab (Record and Run Settings Dialog Box), click the Add button or Edit button .

Important information

  • You can add up to ten applications to the application list displayed in the Windows Applications tab, and you can edit an existing application in the list. You can also select whether to launch the selected applications when the session starts, and whether to record and run on the application's descendant processes.
  • The details entered in the Application Details dialog box are displayed as a single list item for each application in the Application details area of the Windows Applications tab.

See also

Record and run settings for add-ins

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements



The executable file on which to record.

You can enter the executable file as a relative path. During the run session, UFT One searches for the file in the folder for the current test, and then in the folders listed in the Folders pane of the Options dialog box (Tools > Options > GUI Testing tab > Folders node).

  • The Application box should contain only the file name and path for the application. If you want to add command line arguments, use the Program arguments box.
  • The full path name is used to launch an application only when Launch application is selected. UFT One records and runs on any application with the specified executable file name. For example, if you specify %SYSTEMROOT%\Notepad.exe, UFT One records on a Notepad application invoked from any folder.

You can specify a document or other file associated in the file system with an application, for example, c:\tmp\a.txt. In this case, UFT One automatically opens the specified file in the associated application (Notepad in this example). If you use this option, UFT One ignores any defined program arguments.

Working folder

(Optional) The current working folder for the application. The current working folder is used by the application to search for related files. If a working folder is not specified, the executable folder is used as the working folder.

This parameter is used only when Launch application is selected. If Launch application is not selected, its value has no effect.

Program arguments

(Optional) Instructs UFT One to open the application using the specified command line arguments.

This parameter is used only when Launch application is selected. If Launch application is not selected, its value has no effect.

Launch application

Instructs UFT One whether to launch the selected application when the record and run session begins.

Include descendant processes

Instructs UFT One whether to record and run on processes created by the specified application during the record and run session. For example, a process that is used only as a launcher may create another process that actually provides the application functionality. This descendant process must therefore be included when recording or running tests on this application. Otherwise, the functionality is not be recorded, or the run session fails.

By default, this option is selected.