Set Oracle environment variables

This task describes how to set the environment variables you need for loading your Oracle application with UFT One Oracle Add-in support. For all the environments, you need to set one or more environment variables with the path name of the Oracle Add-in support classes folder.

Sun Plug-in 1.4.1 and Oracle JInitiator 1.3.1.x

Set the _JAVA_OPTIONS environment variable as follows:


The above variables should appear on one line (no newline separators).

You can also use short paths in this command. For example:


In this example, UFT One is installed in the default installation folder (C drive, Program Files) on a Windows computer. PROGRA~2 denotes the Program Files (x86) folder, which is the Program Files folder on 64-bit operating systems.

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Oracle JInitiator 1.1.x

Set the _classload_hook environment variable to jvmhook.

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