Configure the VisualAge Smalltalk Add-in

This task describes how to configure the VisualAge Smalltalk Add-in by importing the qt-adapter.dat file to your VisualAge Smalltalk development environment and then recompiling your application to include the qt-adapter agent.

  1. Start VisualAge Smalltalk.

  2. In the System Transcript window, select Tools > Browse Configuration Maps.

  3. In the Configuration Maps Browser window, right-click the AllNames pane and select Import > Selected Versions.

  4. In the Information Required box, enter the IP address or host name of the server, or leave the text box blank to use the native (fileio) access. Click OK. The Selection Required dialog box opens.

  5. In your file system, browse to the <UFT One installation folder>/dat folder and select qt-adapter.dat.

  6. In the Selection Required dialog box:

    • In the Names pane, select Unified Functional Testing.

    • In the Versions pane, select UFT Adapter 1.0.

    • Click the >> button and click OK.

  7. In the Configuration Maps Browser window:

    • In the AllNames pane, click Unified Functional Testing.

    • In the Editions and Versions pane, click UFT Adapter 1.0. A list of available applications displays in the Applications pane.

    • Right-click the Editions and Versions pane and select Load.

  8. To save your changes, select File > Save Image, or click OK in the Warning dialog box when closing the VisualAge Smalltalk application.

  9. Recompile your VisualAge Smalltalk application with the qt-adapter agent.

You are now ready to create and run tests on VisualAge Smalltalk applications.