Enable the Oracle Name attribute

This task describes the different ways in which you can enable the Name attribute supplied by the Oracle Applications server before using the Oracle Add-in to test Oracle Applications.

Enable the Name attribute

Add record=names to the URL parameters.


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Enable the Name attribute using HTML to launch the Oracle application

  1. In the startup HTML file that is used to launch the application, locate the line: <PARAM name="serverArgs ............ fndnam= APPS">

  2. Add the Oracle key: record=names

    <PARAM name="serverArgs"  value="module=f:\FNDSCSGN userid=XYZ fndnam=apps record=names">

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Enable the Name attribute when using the Personal Home Pages

Set up the following system profile option at (your) user level to enable the Name attribute:

  1. Sign on to your Oracle application and select System Administrator responsibility.

  2. Select Nav > Profile > System.

  3. In the Find System Profile Values form:

    • Confirm that Display: Site and Users contains your user logon.

    • Enter %ICX%Launch% in the Profile box.

    • Click the Find button.

  4. Copy the value from the Site box of the ICX: Forms Launcher profile and paste it in the User box. Add &play=&record=names to the end of the URL in the User box.

  5. Save your transaction.

  6. Sign on again using your user name.

Note: If the ICX: Forms Launcher profile option is not updatable at the user level, access Application Developer and select the Updatable check box for the ICX_FORMS_LAUNCHER profile.

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