Windows Applications > General Pane (Options Dialog Box > GUI Testing Tab)

This pane enables you to configure how UFT One records and runs tests and business components for Windows-based applications.

To access

Select Tools > Options > GUI Testing tab >Windows Applications > General node.

Important information

Clicking the Restore Factory Defaults button resets all product settings, including ALM connection information, the recent files list, and anything defined in the Options dialog box, such as startup options, UI layout, GUI, API, and BPT testing options, remote connection credentials, and more.

Options are described below:

UI Elements


Attached text

The search criteria that UFT One uses to retrieve an object's attached text. An object's attached text is the closest static text within a specified radius from a specified point. The retrieved attached text is saved in the object's corresponding text or attached text .

Sometimes the static text that you believe to be closest to an object is not actually the closest static text. You may need to use trial and error to make sure that the attached text is the static text object of your choice.

Search radius. The maximum distance, in pixels, that UFT One searches for attached text.

Search area. The point on an object from which UFT One searches for the object's attached text.

Open menu to retrieve item properties

Instructs UFT One to open Standard Windows menu objects before retrieving menu item properties during a run session.

  • Selecting this option may slow the run, but it can be useful if menu item properties change when opening the menu.
  • This option, which is selected by default, sets the default behavior for all menu objects. You can use the ExpandMenu property in a test or function library to set this behavior for a specified menu object.
Learn non-unique list items

Determines what UFT One learns when more than one item (in a Standard Windows list or tree) has an identical name.

  • by name. Learns the item's name.

    During a run session, UFT One finds and selects the first instance of the name, regardless of the item chosen when learning. Select this option if the all items with the same name have the identical behavior.

  • by index. Learns the item's index number.

    Select this option if items with the same name do not necessarily have the identical behavior.

Learn owner-drawn buttons as

Instructs UFT One how to identify and learn Standard Windows custom-made buttons in the application.

Select an option from the list:

  • push buttons
  • check boxes
  • radio buttons
  • objects

If you select objects, UFT One learns each owner-drawn button as a WinObject. (When working with tests, UFT One can also learn an owner-drawn button as a virtual object, if you define the virtual object.