Run a test stored in Solution Manager

This task describes how to run tests from UFT One. The run results are stored in the location you specify in the file system. You cannot access these results from Solution Manager.

When working with UFT One in standalone mode, you run a test stored in a Solution Manager database just like any other UFT One test.

Run a test in standalone

  1. Open UFT One in standalone mode. For details, see Solution Manager Connection dialog box.

  2. In UFT One, open the test you want to run. For user interface details, see Open GUI Test from Solution Manager Dialog Box.

  3. Click the Run button or select Run > Run. The Run Dialog Box opens.

  4. Accept the default results folder or browse to select another one.

    • The default results folder is created under the folder where the cache (local) copy of your test is stored. You set the location of your Solution Manager test cache folder in the Solution Manager pane of the Options dialog box.

    • When running tests in standalone mode, no Solution Manager log is created.

    • To run the test and overwrite the previous run session results, select the Temporary run results folder (overwriting older temporary results) option.

    • UFT One stores temporary run session results for all tests in <System Drive>:\%Temp%\TempResults. The path in the text box of the Temporary run results folder (overwriting older temporary results) option is read-only and cannot be changed.

  5. Click OK. The Run dialog box closes and UFT One begins running the test.

    When the run session ends, the run results open (unless the View results when run session ends check box is cleared in the Run Sessions pane of the Options dialog box (Tools > Options > GUI Testing tab > General tab > Run Sessions node).

Run a test from Solution Manager using the Execute Test Script option

For details, see your SAP documentation.

Note: Errors may occur if the Run Results Viewer is open when you use the Execute Test Script option to run your test and display your results.

We recommend ensuring that the Run Results Viewer is closed before you run your test.

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View results of a GUI test run in integrated mode

You can view the results of a GUI test that was run from Solution Manager in the following ways:

  • In the Solution Manager Log Display. You can view the results of the test or the results of a specific event, such as a checkpoint, in the Solution Manager log. You can view the folder in which the results are saved in the UNCPathToLocalLog line of the Solution Manager log.

  • In UFT One. You can view the run results in the run results, which you can either access from UFT One (as separate tab in the document pane) or open directly from your browser.

    If a test includes steps that log on to Solution Manager using the SAP Tab (Record and Run Settings Dialog Box), the logon steps are displayed in the run results tree.

    You can set the Run Results Viewer to open automatically after a test runs from Solution Manager. To do this, in Solution Manager, select the Log Display check box in the Shared tab in Start Options window.

  • Via the generated XML Report. Each time you run a GUI test from Solution Manager, an .xml file is generated. This file contains all details of the run session. To view the file, click the line containing the text: XML-DATA in the Solution Manager log.

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