Specify Wizard Operation Page

This wizard page enables you to you specify the operation that you want the wizard to perform.

Wizard map

Terminal Emulator Configuration Wizard Welcome Page > Specify Wizard Operation Page > Emulator Setup Page > Configure HLLAPI Properties Page > HLLAPI Configuration Test Page > Configure Emulator Classes Page > Configure Emulator Screen Settings Page)> Completing the Terminal Emulator Configuration Wizard Page

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Use a preconfigured setting

Enables you to select one of the vendor/emulator settings that are supplied with your Terminal Emulator Add-in.

If you select this option, you can click Finish instead of Next to begin working with UFT One to test the emulator you selected.

However, if you are testing a Web-based emulator, or if UFT One is not recording or recognizing objects as expected, we recommend clicking Next and defining the emulator screen settings.

Note: The emulator screen settings do not affect run sessions; they affect only recording and other object operations (for example, inserting checkpoints and using the Object Spy.)

For details on using your emulator with UFT One, see How does UFT One work with terminal emulators?.

Configure a new user-defined setting

Enables you to supply the details of your vendor and emulator.

After completing the wizard, the vendor and emulator names that you define here are displayed in the list of vendor/emulator combinations in the Terminal Emulator pane.

Modify an existing user-defined setting

Enables you to modify settings that were previously configured using the Terminal Emulator Configuration Wizard.