Known Issues - PowerBuilder Add-in

  • By default, UFT One recognizes objects in your application as PowerBuilder objects only if the application was built with a supported version of PowerBuilder.

    If you want to try to use UFT One with an unsupported PowerBuilder version, you can make the following change:

    1. Open C:\Windows\wrun.ini in a text editor. If this file does not exist, create it.

    2. Under the [WrCfg] section, add a line in the format: PBRuntimeDllName=<YourPB_Dll>. For example:


    Caution: This is an ‘As-Is’, unsupported option.

    For details on supported versions of PowerBuilder, see the UFT One Support Matrix.

  • When learning or recording on toolbars in PowerBuilder applications, UFT One no longer records the PbToolbar test object. Instead, it records a PbObject.Click step. The PbToolbar test object is no longer available in UFT One dialog boxes or in the documentation.

  • If a PbToolbar test object exists in an old object repository, it will be recognized and supported, but toolbar-specific methods such as CheckItem, GetContent, GetItem, GetItemProperty, GetItemCount, GetSelection, Press, ShowDropDown, and WaitItemProperty are not supported for this object. To fix this, update object repositories and tests to use the PbObject test object for toolbar steps.