Siebel test object model

The Siebel test object model is comprised of two different groups of test objects: test objects with the prefix Sbl and test objects with the prefix Sieb.When UFT One learns your objects, UFT One may learn only Sieb test objects or a combination of Sbl and Sieb test objects, depending on the way in which your Siebel application was implemented.

For example, suppose you select a check box for a specific account on a page of your Siebel application. This check box has the label Competitor.

UFT One identifies the check box as a SiebCheckbox object. It creates a SiebCheckbox test object with the name Competitor and records the following properties and values as the description for the Competitor SiebCheckbox.

It also records that you performed a SetOn method to select the SiebCheckbox object.

UFT One displays your step in the Keyword View like this:

When you run a test or business component, UFT One identifies each object in your application by its test object class and its description: the set of description properties and values used to uniquely identify the object. In the above example, during the run session, UFT One searches the object repository for the SiebCheckbox object named Competitor to look up its description. Based on the description it finds (repositoryname = Competitor and classname = SiebCheckbox), UFT One searches the application for a SiebCheckbox object named Competitor. When it finds the object, UFT One performs the SetOn method on the object to select the check box.