Download File from Solution Manager

This dialog box enables you to download files stored in Solution Manager and save them in the file system.

To access
  1. Make sure that the computer is connected to Solution Manager.
  2. Make sure that UFT One is open with the SAP Solutions Add-in loaded.
  3. In UFT One, select File > Download File from Solution Manager.
Important information

If you upload a file to Solution Manager and then associate that file with a test as a resource file, the resource file is automatically downloaded each time you open the test, and you do not need to use this dialog box.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements Description

The name of the file stored in Solution Manager.

When the Download File from Solution Manager dialog box opens, it displays the default file prefix in the Solution Manager name box. You can define or modify this prefix in the Solution Manager pane of the Options dialog box. For details, see SAP > SAP Solution Manager Pane (Options Dialog Box > GUI Testing Tab).


The version number of the file to download.

Download to

The complete path and file name of the location to which you want to download the file. You can enter or browse to the folder path.