Solution Manager Trace Options Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to configure whether and how UFT One generates a trace file. For example, you can instruct UFT One to generate a UFT One–Solution Manager communication trace file each time Solution Manager runs a UFT One test to troubleshoot communication errors.

To access
  1. Connect the computer to Solution Manager in Standalone Mode.
  2. Do one of the following:

    • Ensure that a GUI test, action, or component is in focus in the document pane.
    • In the Solution Explorer, select a GUI test or component node or one of its child nodes.
  3. In UFT One, select Tools > Options > GUI Testing tab > SAP > SAP Solution Manager node.
  4. In the SAP Solution Manager pane, click Modify Trace Options.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements



The level of detail to include in the trace file that is created when Solution Manager runs a GUI test.

  • None. (default) No trace file is created.
  • Low. The trace file lists any Solution Manager–UFT One communication errors.
  • Medium. The trace file includes Solution Manager–UFT One communication errors and information on other major operations that result in Solution Manager–UFT One communication.
  • High. The trace file includes all available information related to Solution Manager–UFT One communications.

The folder path for storing the trace file. Required if a trace file level other than None is specified in the Level option.

Default location = %APPDATA%\Solution Manager\Trace

For example = C:\Documents and Settings\<UserName>\Application Data\Solution Manager\Trace

File name

The file name for the trace file.

Default = SolutionManagerTrace.html

Max size

The maximum file size you want to allow for the trace file.

Generate .xml file for debugging when opening and saving tests

Generates an .xml file each time you open or save a test that is stored in Solution Manager. The files are saved in Open and Save folders under the trace folder.

Selecting this option results in slower response times for editing and saving tests in UFT One. In general, you should select this option only when instructed to do so to debug Solution Manager connectivity issues.