Resource files in Solution Manager

When you save a GUI test in Solution Manager, make sure you store all associated resource files in Solution Manager so that any user who opens the test from Solution Manager will have access to all of the test's resource files.

Like test names, all test resource files stored in Solution Manager must begin with a valid prefix according to the server settings. For example, if your Solution Manager server requires all file names to begin with z, you would use the following naming convention: z<file name> (for example: zSOR_dwdm). You can set the default prefix for files in the Solution Manager pane of the Options dialog box. For details, see SAP > SAP Solution Manager Pane (Options Dialog Box > GUI Testing Tab).

When you create a file in UFT One, such as a new shared object repository or recovery file, you can create the file as you normally would in UFT One and then save the file directly to Solution Manager.

You can also upload existing files that are stored in the file system (such as external data table files, function library files, shared object repository files, recovery files, and environment variable files).

For details on uploading resource files to Solution Manager, see Work with tests in Solution Manager in Standalone Mode.